/ March 19th, 2019
Benefits of being an IB (Introducing Broker)

What are the benefits of being an IB (Introducing Broker)?

There are many benefits of being an IB, we will discuss a few advantages in this article. The volume of every stock market in the world combined is $85 billion dollars on a daily basis but, the volume of the forex market is more than $5 trillion on a daily basis. The forex market dwarfs the combination of the stock market volume worldwide. Choose the world’s largest and lucrative industries for affiliate marketers or IB partnership program. With any moneymaking market; big profits come with the increased competition. Even with many of the brokerages’ firms in the forex market and the thousands of affiliates; this market is still growing day by day with the new opportunities for new affiliates.

Always remember that forex traders and forex trading is an outstanding income stream for the affiliate. Once trader signup for a demo account and moves to a real or live forex account, you are being paid on each and every trade on live account; for the lifetime of a trader. Very few industries are offering a massive amount of income to this magnitude, forex is extremely powerful.

Being an introducing broker or forex affiliate is easy but the trading is tough. Most uneducated traders make no money while the experienced traders earn big amounts. Beginners and experienced both affiliates will make money.

Forex affiliates refer traders to Brokerage Company and might be rewarded on a Cost Per Action (CPA) or revenue share model. The affiliate referral process can be easily converted to automatic. The affiliate has no responsibility after a referral takes place but the IBs provide real services to the traders they refer.

Most of the forex affiliates starting out will be most disturbed with how much they will make per signup. This is significant, however; it is not the most vital and in no way is a guarantee of a successful partnership. IBs and the Affiliates are similar because both are the partners of brokerage firms. Both are making money when they send traders to the firm for trade.

The forex brokers and affiliates are partners. One handles the promotion process of the business while the other handles the rest of the business. Serious forex brokerages firms will have a loyal and committed affiliate staff. The staff will support their affiliates with; loads of the marketing materials (tools, images, banners etc.) in adding to a dedicated affiliate manager who will answer any questions and correct any problems that may arise.

Introducing brokers are secured by the brokers who pay commission from the profits made by their clients. You have the chances to catch the attention of big forex investors. Start earning revenue from your Forex-Circuit while at the same time provide excellent service to your referrals. G44FX IB Program is designed to help you create new opportunities for maximizing your profits and quicker growth of your business.

The IB benefits are given below:

  1. You will get access to the dashboard and back-office login.
  2. It is an easy way to get sign ups with a static and dedicated referral link.
  3. Easy account opening for Introducing Broker.
  4. Become an IB with no targets to meet.
  5. Be a part of the forex market without investing in it.
  6. Fast and friendly dedicated support to your referral clients.
  7. An IB will earn real-time revenue.
  8. You can make an amount of withdrawal on demand.
  9. Automatic commission calculation with the statement.
  10. Reliable work with the regulated financial firm.

You need to understand what type of services you would like to offer your clients and seek the same type of service from your broker. Your profit is based on the trading volume of your customers because your broker will pay commissions on each trade of your referred clients. If you have proper knowledge and skills of the currency trades, it is an easy and simple way to earn a large amount of money within a short period of time.


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