/ February 20th, 2019

Can you get rich by trading forex?

Can you get rich by trading? It is a question in every trader’s mind. The answer is yes, you can get rich by trading in the forex market. Forex is not a method to make quick money, it is just like any other business where you are rewarded for your hard work and intelligence. Forex market offers high volatility of the currency and creates golden opportunities for profits all over the world. Trading in the Forex Market is Profitable only for those who know how to make trades, a suitable time for trade and which one specific currency pair is beneficial at the movement. Most of the peoples follow market trends and trade according to their analysis and strategies; they get rich in a short period of time.

Forex market creates greater trading opportunities worldwide with wonderful profit potential. Foreign Exchange market becomes the most popular market for those who want to trade in currencies. Forex traders trade in currency pairs such as DollarEuro. The symbolic representation of this currency pair is USD/EUR or USDEUR.

The forex market can make many ups and downs in any currency pair according to the different factors like economic conditions of the countries involved in currency pair. Traders get updates about the economy of those countries on which they have shared.

Trading starts with learning the forex basics. Forex has no location and opens 24-hours a day, five days a week. In forex trades, use a broker to access the market, in which currencies are exchanged. It may restrict you to get up at 4 am or awake up for nights. Before trading, traders must understand the indicators, make plans and define strategies before buying or selling anything in the forex market.

Trading in the forex market requires a lot of hard working before you spend even a dollar on the market. In the case, you do not learn the market and make trades then you will lose your entire invested amount.

In the forex market, you can start trade with small capital and build capital with the passage of time. As you trade lucratively you will increase your trading worth. When your capital is increased, you can make large trades or a number of trades.

Can you get rich by trading? Let’s consider an example for your better understanding that how it is possible. A trader starts trading with a reasonable capital and making a regular profit of $200 per day. Now the trader’s invested capital is increased, he can re-invest in the market. After a few days, the trader is now in the position of more than one contract per day. Traders having two contracts per day will earn their more profit.  Below is an example of how it is possible

$2000 – 1 contract – $200 per day

$4000 – 2 contract – $400 per day

$6000 – 3 contract – $600 per day

… and so on.

This example shows how a trader can get rich by trading in the forex market with small capital. It is not an easy task as you think; it requires hard working, planning and discipline. Define your trading strategies based on the economic calendar, charts and market analysis.

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