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1st Prize  $1,500

2nd Prize  $1,000

3rd Prize  $500

NOTE: Registration open till end of contest


G44FX Demo Contest is a contest only held on demo accounts. Therefore, there is no money risk for the participants. However, exciting prizes awaiting for the winners. Furthermore, by offering this demo contest we allow our clients to master their trading skills with no risk and in return get real money prizes.
Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Length of Each Round

1.5 Month

1st Prize

1,500 USD

2nd Prize

1,000 USD

3rd Prize

500 USD

Last Updated: 19 April 2019

Rankings Name Balance Floating P/L Equity Profit
Hlabakanjane Hlabi Nkomo
62 775.01 0.00 67 775.01 50 274.24
Sardor Yuldashev
10 130.16 11 354.35 26 484.51 0.00
Amadeu Costa
9 824.19 5 828.60 20 652.79 7 186.15
Salma Ahmed
19 056.51 -8 437.30 15 619.21 9 974.63
Fillipus Nakale
6 187.35 0.00 11 187.35 6 187.35
6 785.72 -1 193.32 10 592.40 6 785.72
Amer Albouchi
12 260.37 -7 400.00 9 860.37 12 355.37
Mehmet Ceylan
0.00 2 722.04 7 722.04 0.00
Noui Chadli
875.52 1 230.00 7 105.52 522.52
2 619.37 - 843.62 6 775.75 2 619.37

The Results are updated once a day. Please read our Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions applied to Demo Contest. The Contest is organized by the G44FX, hereinafter referred to as the Company. In order to participate in the contest, you must agree and bound by following terms & conditions:

  1. The Contest starts on 16-Apr-2019 and ends on 31-May-2019
  2. Once you have done the contest registration, a dedicated Demo Account on MetaTrader5 with USD currency is created
  3. Register with your original name and provide all the correct information about you because it will be displayed to all participants in contest ranking
  4. A person can register as many times as he wants but in the result, only one MT5 account will be considered that is the one with highest profit among all his MT5 accounts
  5. Any registration before 16-Apr-2019 will not be able to trade before the start of this Demo Contest
  6. Every participant will receive the amount of $5,000 in MT5 trading account for trading
  7. The account leverage will be 1:1000 in this Demo Contest
  8. The participant who made highest profit will be declared Winner
  9. To calculate the profit, all opened positions will be closed at the end of the Demo Contest
  10. In case participants generate same amount of profit, ranking will be decided on the traded volume
  11. Top 3 ranked participants will be awarded the Live MT5 trading account
  12. The 1st winner will receive Live Account worth of $1500
  13. The 2nd position holder will receive Live Account worth of $1000
  14. The 3rd ranked winner will receive Live Account worth of $500
  15. Winners can withdraw the profit from those prized MT5 accounts without any restriction only once; however, they will not be allowed to withdraw the prized amount in those MT5 accounts
  16. Following the withdrawal from prized MT5 account, the MT5 account shall be reset to zero, that is, gifted amount and any remaining profit will be removed
  17. Top ten participants with highest profit in ascending order will be displayed on the website every day
  18. The result of this Demo Contest will be announced within three days of the contest expiry
  19. G44FX reserves the rights to cancel, alter, cut short or extend the Demo Contest and its terms and conditions without warning and with no liability on its part at its sole discretion at any time
  20. If these terms & conditions are translated in any other language other than English then the English version shall prevail where conflict or inconsistency occurred
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