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Safety of funds

We protect your funds with diligence and protective measures from our professional team.


Our history
G44FX Safety of Funds

We are committed to protect client interests. Being a regulated Forex broker we take our responsibility to ensure effective measures for the safety of our client’s funds.


International Regulation
Registered as G44 International Limited in St. Vincent and Grenadines, having registration number 24553 IBC 2018. G44 FX is a Forex broker that offers quality trading services in foreign exchange and CFDs. The company is confident on being regulated by Financial Services Authority (FSA) of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


Segregated Funds
Following FSA rules, G44 has kept all client funds in major international banks, completely segregated from the company funds.


Bank Partnerships
The company has established partnerships with multiple top rated banks and regulated credit institutions. It is to make sure that client funds are available for them at all times, and cannot be used by the company for any purpose. G44FX auditors have verified such arrangements.


Our Liquidity Providers
G44FX liquidity providers include global banks, financial institutions and other market makers.


Encryption Technique
G44FX has taken effective measures to ensure secure communication with clients and protect customers during their transactions with the company, and that no third party can decipher the messages.
  • The company has taken solid measures to ensure that data is sent to the right customer terminal and server.
  • With encrypted data transmission, data theft and unauthorized access is simply impossible.
  • Tempering with data, during transmission, is just out of question.

G44FX has adopted strict financial standards and the company has always maintained transparent financial processes to win the confidence of its valued clients.

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