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Mar 20, 2019 – Wednesday

EUR/USD Intraday: Consolidation

Pivot: 1.1360
Our Preference: Short positions below 1.1360 with targets at 1.1340 & 1.1325 in extension
Alternative Scenario: Above 1.1360 look for further upside with 1.1370 & 1.1380 as targets
Comment: The RSI shows downside momentum

GBP/USD Intraday: Under Pressure

Pivot: 1.3285
Our Preference: Short positions below 1.3285 with targets at 1.3240 & 1.3210 in extension
Alternative Scenario: Above 1.3285 look for further upside with 1.3310 & 1.3330 as targets
Comment: The RSI shows downside momentum

AUD/USD Intraday: Under Pressure

Pivot: 0.7090
Our Preference: Short positions below 0.7090 with targets at 0.7050 & 0.7035 in extension
Alternative Scenario: Above 0.7090 look for further upside with 0.7105 & 0.7120 as targets
Comment: As long as the resistance at 0.7090 is not surpassed, the risk of the break below 0.7050 remains high

GOLD Intraday: Towards 1299.50

Pivot: 1308.00
Our Preference: Short positions below 1308.00 with targets at 1302.00 & 1299.50 in extension
Alternative Scenario: Above 1308.00 look for further upside with 1311.00 & 1315.00 as targets
Comment: The RSI calls for a drop

CRUDE OIL: The Bias Remains Bullish

Pivot: 58.60
Our Preference: Long positions above 58.60 with targets at 59.25 & 59.55 in extension
Alternative Scenario: Below 58.60 look for further downside with 58.30 & 58.05 as targets
Comment: The RSI lacks downward momentum

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Opinion is published in an intradey view. Green Lines Represent Resistance | Red Represent Support Levels | Light Blue is a Pivot Point | Black represents the price when the report was produced

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