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The "White Label" program at G44FX enables institution of its clients offering Forex trading and exchange contracts to your customers. G44FX White Label Partnership offers the tools for its partners to deliver the complete Forex solutions to their valued customers with minimum cost and maximum efficiency under their own brand. It is the best opportunity for people who desire to establish trading business in the world of Forex. Using this opportunity will be offered with an individual platform and a complete brand or company logo under the clients name

G44FX is proud to offer modern technology solutions to its client and their customers to help you in the growth of business. Forex brokerages are heavily regulated these days and it requires enough streams of funds to set the foundations of a brokerage business.

We provide our clients the access to our award winning systems to allow them to be satisfied by receiving full office support without any kind of interruption.

Clients are never alone with tradings new technology and techniques as G44FX is committed to offer top notch customer service to all of its clients.

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G44FX highly interactive platform ensures its customer monitoring
including real-time reports on customer transactions,
open positions, client transactions, new indicators,
and account activation.

MetaTrader 5 White Label Solution


  • 1. Website ranges from and above:$1,500

CRM - Client Cabinet & IB Portal

  • 1. G44 FX Setup Fees: $3,000
  • 2. G44 FX Monthly Support Fees: $2,000

Meta Quotes Fees

  • 1. MT5 White Label MQ Setup Fees: $5,000
  • 2. MT5 Client Terminal MQ Monthly Support Fees: $1,000
  • 3. MT5 Mobile Trader MQ Monthly Support Fees: $750

G44 FX Fees

  • 1. Monthly Fixed Fees: $2,000
  • 2. Bridge Fees B-Book: $3 per million USD traded
  • 3. We give out 3 MT5 managers with up to 5 groups as default and any extra group utilized; we charge $150 per month for it

Liquidity - A-Book

  • 1. $12 per million USD traded

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